Hug the Dog. Save the World.

Hug this! My folks are always telling me that I have to pass on all the hugs and kisses they give me, to all those who have suffered, or passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I love hugs, and whenever there’s any around, I go after ’em. They make me wiggle all over. When I nap (with one eye open in case there’s a food op), I visit with all the dogs (ok, ok, and cats) that don’t get hugs, and I pass ’em on to them.

Whenever we see a sad dog, or my hoomans hear a sad story about suffering or cruelty, they always tell me, “More hugs for Wayman. Be sure to pass them on to all the other dogs (and cats) when you take a nap!” … and so I do. You should, too. W00f.


Carpe Canis, Serva Mundi

6 thoughts on “Hug the Dog. Save the World.

  1. Wayman!

    What a gracious thoughtful post. We will surely pass on our hugs and kisses to the other fur kids who need them so badly.
    Thanks for stopping by our bloggie.
    Woof and Woo’s,
    Maddie the Chocolate Labbie and Frankie Grrrrl

  2. Greetings Wayman! You are a very strikingly handsome doggie! WOW! I love all the colors on your face…very photogenic! I agree…hugs are great & we should hug it forward! Way to change the world Wayman!

    Love & Licks,

  3. Hi Wayman!
    My name is Ruby, nice to meet you! You are really cool looking…I’ve never seen a doggie like YOU!!! I like the idea about the hugs…I need to remember that!

    Come by and visit some time! Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. Hi Wayman!! No wonder our Mom is always hugging all over us! Thanks for solving the mystery…we’ll be sure to pay it forward.

    Thanks for signing our guest book too! Come back & visit.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

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