Every Dog Has His Day

dogdogs1Aarroo! What a handsome bunch o’ hounds! Hey, check this out if you can find it. Great book about our noble cousins.

Erwitt’s selection of 820 photographs of dogs, taken across 50 years, offers astonishing variety in age, breed and expression from battered strays to pampered pooches, towering great danes to chihuahuas and yorkies, young puppies joyfully charting the world to grizzled mongrels peacefully snoozing. Location is equally varied with dogs from 30 and more countries from Brazil to Burma, Morocco to Mexico, New Guinea to Iran. Yet finally, Erwitt’s stated aim was to create, ‘not a book of dog pictures, but of dogs in pictures’ and it is above all shots linked with humans – touching, sometimes eccentric, frequently comic – which provide the most memorable among many appealing images in this heartwarming collection. (Kirkus UK) Posted in Amazon