Pretend to be Patient

More patient in 2009

More patient in 2009

Aarroo! First off, Happy 2009 to all the pups and peeps. Secondly, how come there are not more frequent ‘Year of the Dog’ designations? So 2009 is the Year of the Ox? Huh? Oxes don’t blog, and last time I checked it’s nearly impossible to hug one. W00f, every other year or so should be the Year of the Dog.

Again this year, my official New Year’s Resolution will be: Pretend to be Patient. ta-da! Mum and Pop are always bugging me to stop wiggling when it gets to be about 3 hours from suppertime, you know when my wiggilometer goes off. I can not help it. The dang wiggle starts at the tip of my tail and bedore you know it, every part of my doggy body is in motion. It also goes off when one of my peeps comes home after going out for a while. I wiggle so much that they really fuss at me. A lot. ;0)

So I will try again this year to sit perfectly still when the dish comes out and the IAMS goes in and the roast beef trimmings goes in, and the hot water sloshes around, and the …. what the f…? Oh no, the tip of my tail started, you know, wiggling even writing about it. Good grief, I hope they don’t come in here while my mutt is palpitating just writing about supper.

That’s all. I gotta go lick something now and try to practice my inner Zen Dog. So all my pupper friends out there, blog back with your New Years Resolutions. W00f, football and snacks later today… 😉 WW


8 thoughts on “Pretend to be Patient

  1. Dude!

    It’s good you just wiggle. I like to run circles around my Mom’s feet as she’s walking through the front room, when she gets home. It’s sooooo fun!

    And then she almost trips trying to get to my treat dish and getting that treat makes me SOAR!

    Right now I am about to take a snooze because I’m 8 y’know…but here’s to 2009 and our wildest dreams getting wilder every day!

    Buddy Wayne

  2. Aarroo! (Wow) Thanks for the comment BW. Snoozing is good. It actually counts as ‘appearing to be patient’, and I do it a lot while waiting for my slow peeps to give me the next scritch, hug or snack. ;o) WW

  3. Resolutions? Oh, no, I don’t think so.

    I like to be a flexible Pippadog and don’t want to be held down to something I might possibly once have said a long time ago.

    Hey, but I am so patient anyway. I am still trying to chase all those pesky cats around my street.

  4. But, but, you are a Catahoula! I think it is a law that you are always supposed to be ready for food, treats, a walk, a run, playtime, doggie visits, etc.

    My love of my life dog, Peekay, (yes, I love you too, Marie, deeply) was a Catahoula and he was always ‘at attention’, just ready to do and take on the world.

    I am so glad I found your site, as I am passionate about Catahoulas! I added you to my blogroll!

  5. Yup……………getting our ‘houla, pepper, to be patient, can be a daunting task. He is way too intelligent fer a dog!!!!
    He is the best dog i have ever had…really!!!

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