TO THE RESCUE: Found Dogs with a Mission – AARROO!

Resting up to blog some more.

Resting up to blog some more.

So I’ve Been Busy

OK,  so I haven’t exactly been burning up the dog-blog waves lately. It’s been a very busy year, and there’s all kinds of doggone good stuff happening, and that has taken my attention. We do a lot of reading and watching historical movies on the SatTV, and our local library has started with the movie DVDs, so the folks are watching a lot of stuff about Elizabeth I, who lived a long time ago, but likes dogs, I guess.

There are tons of dog stories and news items about dogs, so that takes a lot of time. We’ve a got a new First Dog, Bo Obama, and that’s neat. We just celebrated Dogs Rule 2009, and that’s a 5 Paw event.

Save the Dog, Hug the World

There’s a new book coming out November 1st, by Elise Lufkin, who also wrote Found Dogs and Second Chances. The new book is TO THE RESCUE: Found Dogs with a Mission. Continue reading