Dogs Rule Day – 11 October 2008

Dogs Rule - A Holiday for Dogs

Dogs Rule - A Holiday for Dogs

If anyone deserves their own holiday, it’s dogs. So let’s celebrate our best friends and recognize their contribution to the quality of life on earth. All we have to do is give our own dogs a little extra love, share our stories and pictures with friends, and do a little something extra to make the world a better place for dogs. This gets 5 w00fs – WW

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Humane Society Emergency Response – IKE

Humane Rescue TeamAmid the chaos of a mass evacuation — when every second counts — even the most beloved companion animals can be overlooked and left behind. Big woofs and hugs to these folks who make a difference 24/7 year-round. Tell your fiends and get your hoomans to contribute to this outfit, now and from now on…

Take a look at the staff, training and equipment this group puts on the road, where ever and when ever they are needed. Also the history of the endeavor goes back to WWI… 5 w00fs – FF

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Wayman Wynn 2002 AZLast month was the 5th anniversary of my discovery by my hoomans on the Petfinder website, in the Hooman Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) shelter, in Tucson, Arizona. Thank you, Mom, for seeing my skinny self on the web, and going ‘eek’. She says it was a surprise to see such a bootiful face looking back at her. And to Dad, for staying up with me those first nights when I was stoned out of my mind (after the ‘fix’ thing) and was wearing that stoopid neck cone thingy, and had to be walked day and night to relieve myself and my fears.

Thanks to the folks at HSSA, for running such a wonderful place like the shelter, and most of all, for not giving up on me when I was so sad I couldn’t eat. A special tail wag for my ‘trainer’ at HSSA, who kept on working with me to pull me back to the world, to take me out to PetSmart, to meet people who actually loved dogs. I was a mess after my beginning in life, and thanks to HSSA for changing the direction of my life. Continue reading

The Dog with Xray Vision

Wayman WynnI got this thing about food. Any food, but my favorite is whatever Mom and Dad have on the table. So I do this deal where I stare at their plates of bootiful smelly food, while I’m sitting next to Dad just under the the table. You know just to keep an eye on it, in case any falls to the floor, and I hear those magic words, “Cleanup, Wayman!”. Anyhoo, Dad looks over at me and says that he thinks I’m looking through the table at his plate of whatever. So I think, of course I’m looking through the table, doesn’t everyone when they want to see what Dad is eating and not giving me any?

Why, I believe that dog is looking right through the table.”, says Dad. Mom says “I warned you about Catahoulas.” This is the way it goes everytime, but I don’t see what the dang deal is. I can see what I need to see. And that is food! Sometimes I wonder why I hang around. Oh yeah, I love these guys. Somebody has to take care of them. They can’t even see through a thick fog… Ha!

Hug the Dog. Save the World.

Hug this! My folks are always telling me that I have to pass on all the hugs and kisses they give me, to all those who have suffered, or passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I love hugs, and whenever there’s any around, I go after ’em. They make me wiggle all over. When I nap (with one eye open in case there’s a food op), I visit with all the dogs (ok, ok, and cats) that don’t get hugs, and I pass ’em on to them.

Whenever we see a sad dog, or my hoomans hear a sad story about suffering or cruelty, they always tell me, “More hugs for Wayman. Be sure to pass them on to all the other dogs (and cats) when you take a nap!” … and so I do. You should, too. W00f.


Carpe Canis, Serva Mundi