Wayman Wynn CatahoulaCarpe Canis, Serva Mundi

For Dogs and their partners from anywhere…We celebrate the beings that have chosen us as their earthly contacts. This blog is dedicated to all things Canine…photos, stories, links, news about rescues, etc. Enjoy, and ‘Houla Up with Wayman Wynn!

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  1. Sup?It is with great sadness that I must report that Wayman Wynn passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 4:15 PM, Monday, June 10, 2013. His work here was done, and he just lay down on the deck for his long nap. He was quiet, calm and never took his eyes off us, as we waited with him.

    Wayman Wynn was rescued by a ‘kind-hearted woodman’ (like in the tale of Snow White), who was given the horrible task of abandoning him in the Arizona Sonoran Desert out of Tucson, by Wayman’s first ‘family’. Yuck! He was only months old, but was too much of an inconvenience to a family that had no clue about dogs, or certainly about Catahoulas.

    Instead this friend brought ‘Jarod’ (his stoopid puppy name) to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, where he was cared for and socialized by those wonderful folks.

    We discovered him on the Web on October 15, 2002, and it was an instant match. We visited him at the HSSA kennels, and of all the dogs there, bouncing off the walls and barking, WW sat calmly staring at us as we approached his cell. He was underweight, and frightened, but his eyes said everything. “Get me outta here!” We met with him in the visitor’s garden, and the bond was magical.

    Since that day, Wayman Wynn (named for an aide de camp to General Pershing from War I), was NEVER out of the presence of at least one of his ‘hoomans’. His preference was to be with both of us all the time. I believe that his puppy-hood, where he spent hours of time locked in a hotwater heater closet, convinced him that he would NEVER again allow himself to be shut away from contact.

    For almost 11 years, we three were ‘los tres companeros’, at home and on wonderful trips throughout the deserts and mountains of West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. He is terribly missed, not forgotten, and now joins his beloved Aunt Martha ‘Calamity’ Jane (Blue Heeler) to watch over us from the higher plane.

    Hug the Dog, Save the World

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