Wayman Wynn 2002 AZLast month was the 5th anniversary of my discovery by my hoomans on the Petfinder website, in the Hooman Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) shelter, in Tucson, Arizona. Thank you, Mom, for seeing my skinny self on the web, and going ‘eek’. She says it was a surprise to see such a bootiful face looking back at her. And to Dad, for staying up with me those first nights when I was stoned out of my mind (after the ‘fix’ thing) and was wearing that stoopid neck cone thingy, and had to be walked day and night to relieve myself and my fears.

Thanks to the folks at HSSA, for running such a wonderful place like the shelter, and most of all, for not giving up on me when I was so sad I couldn’t eat. A special tail wag for my ‘trainer’ at HSSA, who kept on working with me to pull me back to the world, to take me out to PetSmart, to meet people who actually loved dogs. I was a mess after my beginning in life, and thanks to HSSA for changing the direction of my life.

Thanks to my unknown hero, who I don’t know and don’t remember much about. You were supposed to ‘get rid’ of me for my stoopid first hoomans, by taking me to the desert, but you brought me to the HSSA instead. ‘They’ had no clue what a Catahoula was, and you might not have even liked dogs, but you had the decency to make an effort with me.

When do we eat again...All that was five years ago, which seems like a lifetime to me, in my little dog brain way of thinking (of course it is my lifetime, duh!) . Now, I can’t imagine any other life except the fun we have now, and the hugs. We take walks, smell smells, go on adventures in the truck, go to ‘Grandma’s House’ in west Texas, tell stories, laugh, cry, hug. My hoomans rub my ears and knuckle my head. I wiggle all over when Dad comes home, and watch at the window until Mom comes back. Life is good.


Thanks from Wayman

Thanks to all the doggies and their hoomans out there, repeating this story thousands of times. I don’t know how much that is, but Dad says it a lot. This Dog’s Wish has come true, and I just wanted to take this time to say so. Wayman Wynn on Thanksgiving 2007

8 thoughts on “CatahoulaThanks

  1. I was thrown out to wander around, but at least it wasn’t the desert. And I found food and water, and then I found master and mistress. Your dad is right, sadly there are a lot.


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